Prices fall down for meat drastically


Amid the Coronavirus fear, people are so panicked that they are following blindly whatever is being passed on as a remedy to stay away from Coronavirus.
People aren’t affected by COVID-19 due to the consumption of chicken, mutton, egg or fish. Due to the rumours being speculated in certain social media or Whatsapp, people have nearly stopped consuming Non-veg. The state is so bad that people are turning vegetarians.
Even in restaurants, people are opting for veg meals rather than the non- veg course. Chicken shops look deserted as nobody is buying it due to which the prices have crashed down and on Sunday it was seen that the price of a kilo of chicken was about Rs 70 and for eggs, it was about Rs 3.
Vendors are facing loses badly and also people aren’t having meat. Previously due to Bird Flew people stopped having it in 2006, it had a reason but now due to the panic people are opting all the ways just to be safe.

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