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Properties of diet and building lung capacity are the determinants of health, says Ayurveda prodigy, Dr. Manaan Gandhi


‘The first Wealth is Health’, goes a saying, and most of us, during the pandemic, have learnt the importance of maintaining a well-balanced diet for sustaining good immunity. Most of the health practitioners say that ‘You are what you eat’, hence there is a lot of focus on the food intake and the other criteria like how, when, and what we eat. Dr. Manaan Gandhi, MD, an exceptional ayurvedic practitioner who has been learning and observing patients from the age of 14 years, shares his insights.

Famously known as the prodigy of Ayurveda, Dr. Manaan Gandhi from Mumbai, while studying the course itself presented papers on ayurvedic healing across the globe. He understands the body using the science of quantum physics and heals holistically and specifically using Ayurveda. A Winner of 6 national awards already, Dr. Manaan Gandhi is widely regarded to be one of the best Ayurvedic doctors in the country today.

Dr. Manaan Gandhi, 29 years, opines that there are two important factors to consider for maintaining good health; WELL-BALANCED DIET and BUILDING LUNG CAPACITY. He says that the properties of diet are dependent on eight factors. They are Prakruti (natural qualities), Karan (preparation), Sanyog (combination), Raashi (quantity), Desh (habitat), Kaal (time of eating), Upyog Sanstha (Rules of use), and Upyokta (User). “When food is eaten by following these eight factors, most of the diseases can be prevented,” added the ayurvedic consultant and Nadi-pariksha (pulse-diagnosis) expert at The Integral Ayurveda, Mumbai.

Dr. Gandhi further says that it is mandatory to increase your lung capacity by following simple techniques. “Long and slow breathing techniques like Anulom Vilom pranayama has potential benefits. Ideally, this pranayama can be done for 5-10 minutes and then can be increased gradually. The best part of this pranayama is it can be done at any given point of time.”

Speaking on Coronavirus, Dr. Gandhi, a proficient Ayurveda physician for major diseases, said, “They have prepared a combination of medicines which has been effective in treating Covid-19 patients.”

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