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Protests rage over girl killing in the district


Telugu Mahila State President Vangalapudi Anitha and scores of TDP activists staged a sit-in in front of the Visakhapatnam Police Commissionerate on Monday in protest against the YCP Government not taking stringent action against the maniac involved in the Varalakshmi killing.

The TDP protesters sat in front of the commissionerate after the police prevented them from entering the office premises to meet the Police Commissioner to present a memorandum.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Anitha termed it as unfortunate that the Chief Minister was trying to suppress the atrocities incidents against women by giving some cash compensation to the victims’ families. The CM cannot wash his hands of these ghastly incidents and he should order strong punishment against the accused. Akshil, the maniac who killed Varalakshmi, should be given deterrent punishment.

Ms. Anitha also wrote a letter to the Vizag Police Commissioner, taking serious objection to the manner in which the Varalakshmi killing incident was being ignored without proper investigation.

TDP Vizag Parliament Mahila President Ananta Lakshmi, Telugu Nadu Students Federation State President Pranav, women and student activists took part in the protests. They raised slogans ‘CM Down Down’ on the occasion.

The TDP leaders expressed concern that the maniacs were fearlessly perpetrating their atrocities on women and girls. The Disha Act has become something like a favour for the miscreants. No case can be filed under this act as it was non-existent. It was because of the complacency on the part of the police that the psychos and maniacs were having a free run. The Government should at least begin taking stringent action in this regard for the safety and security of women.

The TDP leaders said that this was the third ghastly attack on women in a span of two to three weeks. The earlier two attacks on women took place in Vijayawada where a 24 year old nurse was set on fire on October 12 and a 20 year old engineering student was stabbed to death on October 15.

In her letter, Ms. Anitha told the Commissioner that on October 31, Visakhapatnam city was shell shocked after a 17 year old girl was found dead with her throat slit amid wedding celebrations. In spite of increased attacks on women, the Government was turning a blind eye to the safety of women. The much-trumpeted Disha police stations were toothless and were standing as mere wasteful symbols of the Government’s failures.

Ms. Anitha said that in the case of the deceased Vizag girl too, the Government has abdicated its responsibility after giving Rs. 10 Lakhs to the victim’s family. In this backdrop, proactive steps were necessary to provide safety to women. Stern action should be taken against the perpetrators. Only timely punishments would deter any future attacks against women.

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