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Punters are busy as IPL season starts


When IPL season begins, can punters be far behind? After elections, perhaps cricket is the most fertile area for betting and naturally punters are now busy as IPL matches have started. The only difference if any this time is that punters are betting online and offline. There are online sites specializing in ‘guiding’ punters for betting in IPL matches.

Before the start of the match every day, these websites sites put out reviews of the performance of each team, apart from giving dope on every player’s form. Besides, some of these sites are conducting betting. They are dealing with bets on Man of the Match, Man of the Series, apart from ball-to-ball bets. They also offer bets on runs scored per over. For example, while the match is in progress, they ask about each ball: will the batsman hit four or six. Besides, there are individual bets, mostly between two persons.

Individual bets are more prominent in East Godavari and West Godavari. In these two districts, on every issue, individual bets have become the order of the day. Betting organisers earn money by collecting some commission from punters. Rupees change many hands in the bettinngs on IPL matches. The India vs Pakistan matches attract record-level betting amounts. Bettings in cricket are not confined to only one section; politicians, businessmen, students and others are also involved in it. And the epicenter of entire betting organizers is no doubt is Mumbai.

Betting organisers appoint their agents in important cities like Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Delhi, among others. They are in regular touch with the punters. Punters are busy mining websites for material to place reviews of teams’ performances every day. Some of these websites are giving ranks to teams, depending on their past performance. One website, while giving tips to fresh punters on how to bet for IPL matches, says:” If you don’t know how to bet on IPL, we have you covered. We have done a full-fledged comparison of the best IPL to help you decide where to place your best cricket bets”.

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