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Purohits in Vizag calling for the postponement of weddings


As they say, desperate times require desperate measures. Denizens of Vizag witnessing Covdi-19 infections continue to spread and many are succumbing to it. Everyone is fighting with the pandemic, the people involved in varied professions are at their wits’ end. But the second wave is completely different because of its speed at which it is spreading and taking a heavy toll on human beings.

Due to this, purohits sincerely appealing to the general public to avoid performing weddings in May as there are only nine auspicious days (muhurthams) in the next 20 days, and postpone them to June. This decision came close on the heels of several purohits who got infected with Covid after performing marriages and other rituals in the recent past.

Nearly 12 purohits tested positive in town alone. Most of them tested positive after attending rituals performed by families following the demise of their loved ones. Many pundits spoke to Hello Vizag said purohits should not boycott their duty of performing marriages and other rituals for a continuation of Hindu traditions. Accordingly, the Vedic Brahmins urging people to postpone weddings planned in May, to June keeping in view the safety of their relatives as well as purohits. ”

During the marriage purohits complete other related rituals apart from performing marriages. In a marriage, at least 20 relatives of the bride and the groom stand close to the purohit. So, it increases the possibility of infection,” he said. Yet another pandit, on the condition of anonymity, said on May 7 at a pre-wedding function in Madhurawada, 200 people were present though permission was only for 30. Due to this, social distancing and Covid safety norms have gone for a toss, he deplored.

On average 20,000 to 30,000 marriages were performed in the month of May and June in Vizag along. Many of the families fix the muhurthams for weddings much in advance. Due to this, a purohit cannot refuse to perform the marriage as he would have been involved in the engagement rituals and even in the fixing of muhurthams,” he said.

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