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Rainy season feelings everyone can relate to


Rainy season is the season for nature lovers, melancholic souls and of course for the lovers. From vibing with the sound of rain drops to loving the euphoric essence of petrichor, we all love the aura of rainy seasons. This season also gives us hope and a feeling of craving something. Let’s list out the things we crave

Feeling of eating something hot and crispy

For certain reasons we’re not able to get vitamin D because the main source of vitamin D is the sunlight, so our body searches for better alternatives to replace the vitamin D deficiency. Carbohydrates are best replacements and for the fact that wheat or made from grain dishes contain carbohydrates hence we crave for it and everyone is a fan of such recipes. Let’s list out some recipes which would be like a cherry on top as monsoon clouds are about to hit the roof;


Every indian or every mouth that comes across can’t get over samosas and definitely not in the season of wet trees and roads. The baked crispy outer shell with spicy mashed potato fillings makes every mouth go wow.


Pakoras has a different fanbase with fluffy texture made from wheat grain and complemented along with chillies and sauce making itself the best companion during the showers.

Masala Chai: Every snack is incomplete without the beverages and Masala Chais are the perfect mates to your snack plates.

Feeling of tuning in into something sad

Due to lack of sunlight, the serotonin levels decrease which in turn makes us gloomy and sad naturally so because of this we tune in some sad songs. If you speculate keenly, the majority of the songs related to rain or rainy season are sad and low tone kinda songs (eg. zara zara and baarish), it is because maybe it was literally composed during the rainy season or it is made to be on shuffle in the playlist.

Feeling of lazy and sleepiness

During the rainy season we tend to feel sleepy or lazy and especially after the scorching heat of summer because our body craves cold weather for a safe and sound sleep.The room temperature gets low which is ideal craving for a perfect sleep.

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