Ram Gopal Varma claims he predicted the outbreak of ‘Virus’ two years ago


In a recent tweet the director Ram Gopal varma said that he predicted such a massive outbreak of virus almost two years back.

What doctors, scientists, astrologists couldn’t predict, it was known by the director. In the tweet he said that he was about to make a movie on such a plot line in 2018.

He shared the story line where it had the reflection of today’s scenario but it wasn’t made. Like his some other movies it was just at an announcement. Amid the crisis the director had to tweet such a thing.

His story in short was going to be about a boy who would contract the virus during his studies in abroad and then come back to his home, where he would affect all others and such a state would devastate the situation.

Previously his movies like Shiva, Satya were talk of the town. Known for his straight forward and blunt attitude his tweet had a depiction of the present scenario but it never went on the floors.


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