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Registration for travel agents

Registration for travel agents

The Andhra Pradesh Government under Chief Secretary Mr. Rajat Bhargav IAS has passed a GO 188 under the Andhra Pradesh Tourism trade and Registration and Facilitation Guidelines 2020 and asking for registration of Tour operators/Travel agents to promote and Facilitate tourism trade and improvement of service standards and offer the best quality tourism services, The main objectives of the proposal are as follows:

Provide a simple mechanism for registration of tourism trade.Encourage improvement of service standards and offer the best quality tourism services Promote and facilitate tourism trade in the through marketing channels of the Dept. of Tourism Facilitate in the establishment of industry linkages with Tourism Departments of other states, national and international renowned travel and tourism players, travel and tourism-related associations and societies, etc.

Collect statistical information from service providers and establish a database on tourism for planning and development of tourism

The Government Preamble is as follows:

Andhra Pradesh is blessed with numerous advantages for tourism, including the country’s second-longest coastline, perennial rivers, a scenic expanse of backwaters, places of religious importance, Buddhist sites, forests, heritage sites, forts and hill stations.

Evidently so, Andhra Pradesh has emerged as one of the most visited destinations in the country, and with the number of visitors growing significantly every year.

To meet this growing demand and to position the State as a premier tourist destination, it is important to improve the standards of tourism services offered, to world-class standards, and to strengthen the tourist ecosystem in the State by establishing better industry linkages.

Furthermore, Tourism is a constantly evolving sector, and it is of paramount importance to accurately measure and track various indicators of tourism such as footfalls, the profile of tourists, occupancies, emerging and prominent destinations, etc. to plan and strategize the development of Tourism in the State.

Registration under these Guidelines shall be mandatory for all tourism-related trade establishments and service providers, to be eligible for any Government sponsored initiatives, incentives, subsidies, schemes, etc.The service providers shall apply for registration by filling the forms and uploading the relevant documents online at The corresponding registration fee is only Rs.200 for Tour Operators/Travel agents.

Registration of Service providers is as Follows:

Every person intending to carry on the business of a tourism service provider shall, before operating, apply for registration in the prescribed manner.

Any entity that is already operating as a service provider on the date of commencement of these Guidelines, shall apply for registration within ninety days from the date of commencement of these Guidelines. They may continue to operate if an application for registration has been made under these Guidelines.

However, it shall in no way be construed that the registration with the Tourism Authority alone is sufficient for the operation of the services. The service providers shall comply with all other applicable laws and rules, including any amendments thereon, governing the activity.

Along with the Tour Operators Registration the Government has also called for the registration of Tourism Service Provider” means an entity engaged in the business of operating or operating as any of the following – Hotel, Resort, MICE Centre, Wellness Centre, Lodge, Guesthouse, Homestay, Farm stay, Service Apartment, Tour Boat Operator, Tour Operator, Travel Agent, Water Sports Operator, Adventure Sports Operator and any Tourism related Operator as may be approved by the Authority.

K.Vijay Mohan, President of the Tours and Travels Association said that This is a big step forward for our tour operators in AP as this creates an industry linkage and encourages and facilitates the tourism trade. We have been requesting the Government for the past 4 years to Regulate the same and we are happy that the government is finally taking things in the right direction. We also request the government to declare Tourism as an industry so that it creates a Stimulus to push tourism”.

We take the opportunity to thank our Honourable Tourism Minister Mr.M Srinivas Rao, Chief Secretary Tourism & Culture Government of AP, Mr. Rajat Bhargav IAS and our CEO APTA, Mr.Praveen Kumar IAS to register the Tourism trade operators and bringing up this GO.

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