Resort still in the making at Lammasingi


One of the go-to places in Vizag is Lammasingi which is 100 Km away from the city limits.

Usually, in the winter we find the rush where a group of different age groups from college-goers to family people visit the misty place for its strawberry and coffee plantations but mostly they visit due to feeling the chill but how can one chill if there is no place to stay.

The tourists and the locals have been waiting for about three years now for the resort. The resort has been in the making for about three years now under the APTDC (Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation) project, one of the reasons why the project has been delayed is attributed to lack of funds, previously.

It was said that resorts will be opened for the tourists from November 2019 but it wasn’t. People had to stay in tents and there was no availability of proper toilets and sanitation due to which it turned out to be a problem.

Speaking about it Pravin Kumar, CEO of AP Tourism said: “Work will be commenced soon and the project will be done as soon as possible.”


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