Restaurant owners decide to urge the higher officials to allow the outlet open till midnight in Vizag


It would have been nice if the restaurants were open till mid-night in Vizag, it would look lovely as well as people would be relieved to not get bothered about the hour of having food.
Considering the footfalls of the tourist, the restaurants would benefit as well people can dine in according to their comfort. Recently it was seen that Night food and craft bazaar yielded a positive response. The bazaar was opened on February 1 near RTC complex on Jail road. It remains open from 4 pm till 2 am and had a lot of people coming and having food at any hour of the day.
Seeing the success of the Night food and craft bazaar, restaurant owners decided to urge the GVMC and police authorities to allow the restaurants to be open till midnight.
With the Zomato and uber eats, people usually depend on ordering food and with the closing of food outlets sooner, people find it difficult to order. Certain people who work in the late night have to order the food at early hours cause the restaurants to get closed.
It is not only the point of view from the restaurant owners but also some people face the problem of not having warm food at the right time.


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