Roads will last longer in the city if used White-topping technology


Jose Kurian the Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) Former chairman explained the advantages of using White-Topping technology in laying roads.

It is seen whichever part we venture either there are potholes, broken and unfinished roads that don’t only project a weary look but also cause trouble to the riders.

Roads are laid and unlaid in a span of a year as the longevity is poor. To yield a better result and ensure good roads, White-topping technology was explained by Jose Kurian, where he talked about it as a solution for the deteriorating roads. The advantages of it are the longevity of roads will increase, the maintenance cost will be less, and also with good roads, the accidents will decrease.

These White-topped roads come between the cement concrete road and Bitumen topped road. Though the cost is higher than Bitumen topped road it is more sustainable and for the longer run.

Already in bustling cities like Bangalore, Kerala, Mumbai, Hyderabad such roads are laid and catching up the pace also Vizag can also be a part of the run. Maybe with this technology the scope of the betterment of roads can be a foresight.


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