Rohit sharma interviews the dynamic GVMC commisioner G. Srijana


The hitman of cricket who is loved by all was seen interviewing the dynamic GVMC commissioner G Srijana.

Even previously she was known for her meticulous work and discipline when it came to implementation of plans in the city.

She was the talk of the entire country as she did a commendable job, where she just didn’t have a baby but also joined back her duty soon after that.

Here in the interview, Rohit seems to ask two important questions and she answers with quite poise and rightfully.

She emphasises on being a mother, it is more important to stay clean and hygiene and especially during such a pandemic situation it is a requirement.

She also spoke about how both are important for her, work as well as child, the only key to manage such a thing is bu following discipline and prioritising.

I For India is such a platform where all the celebrities, stars are coming together and collecting the funds required at this hour for a greater good.


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