Room Sanitizer Fabricated by Diesel Loco Shed, Visakhapatnam


Yet another invention made by the Diesel Loco Shed of Waltair Division with its innovative teamwork. To combat the pandemic coronavirus infection the Diesel Loco Shed fabricated several instruments like Pedal-operated hand washbasins, hand sanitizer dispensers, Paper/ file sanitizers, currency sanitizers that have been supplied to various offices for usage.

The Diesel Shed also prepared hand sanitizer for use of railway staff. Now the DLS has fabricated Remote Control operated UVC based Room Sanitizer to fight against pandemic COVID-19. The equipment has been fabricated with its available resources like a condemned pedestal fan stand and by fixing UVC lamps along with a remote-control unit. The equipment fitted with wheels for easy movement from one room to another as per its requirement.

This indigenously developed equipment can sanitize a room size of 400 Sq. feet in a short period. For effective usage, it is to be used for 30minutes in large rooms of size 400sft, and for small rooms, 15-minute operations would be enough. This works with the latest Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation technology. This radiation is strongly absorbed by RNA and DNA bases leading to molecular structural damage via a photodimerization process.

This results in virus inactivation, such that they are no longer able to replicate. Two such types of equipment are already in use at DRM Office and Divisional Railway Hospital. These types of equipment have been fabricated under the guidance of Shri Chetan Kumar Shrivastava, Divisional Railway Manager, Waltair, and monitored by Shri S.K. Patro, Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer (Diesel). The team DLS got appreciations from all corners for their excellence in fabricating such types of equipment to combat the pandemic.

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