Rs 2000 crore has been siphoned by the former PS of Chandrababu Naidu and three infrastructure companies


After recent raids being conducted by the Income-tax (I-T) department on the former Personal Secretary of Ex-CM of Andhra Pradesh and on three leading infrastructure companies it was found that about Rs 2000 Cr was duped by them and there is no proper evidence to show their official take on the money.

Carrying on further investigation may yield further duping of the amount according to the I-T officials. Also, an official press release was issued by the I-T department on Thursday which stated that “ with the investigation being carried on three infra companies and the PS, incriminating evidence was seized”.

The lead was found by the I-T department when the communication happened between the top party leaders with the people associated with these companies. R.K Infra Corp. is one of the companies that belong to Srinivas Reddy, Kadapa TDP leader has been involved in this.
The former CM’s son Lokesh is quite taken aback after hearing such a situation and has no utmost clue about the event. He believes only with time things will come out.

Speaking on the operation I-T commissioner, Surabhi Ahluwalia said there have been multiple transactions with bogus companies and the transactions have been layered quite cleverly. About 25 bank lockers were held back after the IP address was traced and unaccounted cash of about 85 lakh and jewelry worth 71 lakh was discovered.

And after looking into the emails, messages the foreign transactions were discovered.


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