Rushikonda beach one among the 13 beaches to be beautified under BEAMS project



The Jewel of the East Coast has been known for its beautiful long coastline beaches and almost anyone belonging to the city has trodden into the pristine Rushikonda beach once in their lifetime.

This fiscal year 2020-21 seems to be a year of development as Rushikonda has been identified in the (BEAMS) project as one among the 13 beaches for overall development under the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project of the Ministry of Tourism.

The main priority of the BEAMS – (Beach Environment and Aesthetics Management Services) project is to retain the aesthetics and develop an eco-friendly environment for the tourist with sustainable amenities due to which there will be a boost in the tourism sector and also the tourists would find it worthwhile to spend their time. This project will be worked upon all the beaches of coastline in the country.

It’s been a year that the cleanliness and beautification of the Rushikonda beach have been maintained so far but with the implication of this project, there will be further developments.

Development scene:
1. Beaches will get better infrastructure
2. There will be eco-friendly bio-toilets
3. Shower panels
4. Changing rooms
5. Purified drinking water
6. Access pathways
7. Benches
8. Space for children play area
9. Equipment for fitness
10. First-aid station
11. Cloakrooms
12. Parking lots for vehicles.
Technologically also there will be advanced developments like for recycling the water there will be a construction of a ‘grey water’ treatment plant where the recycled water will be used for horticulture and flushing purposes, for processing bio-waste there will be a solid waste management plan that will in return help with the generation of energy and landscape lighting. There will be CCTV surveillance to maintain the security of individuals and property at the scene. Also, the program has something for the differently-abled in the store, there will be the availability of the amphibious wheelchairs both for beach sand and water. Also, Eco- friendly materials will be used for the protection of the environment.
“The facilities will also be extended to further beaches within five years,” said Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate change.


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