Safety Works Accomplished Due To Dedicated Workforce


Waltair Division of East Coast Railway utilised the Covid-19 lockdown period to complete pending safety and maintenance projects, which is expected to boost safety and speed of train operations in key sections of the Division.

With the stoppage of operation of passenger trains during pandemic corona virus infection, that gave some sufficient time to focus on those pending works, which were completed during the lockdown period. These works taken up to enhance safety that includes rehabilitation of bridges, construction of limited height subways / road under bridges in lieu of level crossing gates etc.

Insertions of Reinforced concrete (RCC) Segmental Boxes to form Limited Height Subways have been done at 8 Locations in Visakhapatnam-Palasa mainline i.e Five in Visakhapatnam city limits, remaining at Kottavalsa, Kantakapalli, Alamanda sections in record time. Road Under Bridge/ Limited Height Subways constructed at 4 locations in Bobbili-Salur line were also carried in record time.

Similarly, rebuilding of 5 numbers of Arch bridges were completed by replacement with RCC Boxes in Visakhapatnam- Vizianagaram main line, apart from bridge rehabilitation /rebuilding works carried at 6 locations between Garudubilli-Gotlam, Bobbili-Donkinavalasa, Parvatipuram-Sithanagaram sections. Further, 16,300 square meters of area of bridge painting has been done for Eight Bridges at crucial locations of Koraput-Rayagada line.

In order to enhance the safety at level crossings two manned level crossings upgraded to special and Luminous tapes have been provided at Six level crossing gates over the Division. The committed workforce of the Division could able to achieve this accomplishment with dedication and hard work.

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