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Samantha’s fashion label Saaki is a huge success before it’s launch


Actress Samantha has announced her own clothing brand for women called Saaki. Her fashion label “Saaki” has gained 93.8k followers on its instagram handle within few days of its page launch. The insta handle of Saaki consists of words saying “Fashion exploration by @Samantharuthprabhuoffl for the collective modern women.

On the day of the page launch Samantha took it to her social media handles with the video of the clothes. And with a caption written saying, Saaki @saakiworld Is finally here!

Saaki has been our dream of mine and my baby for months. It is a reflection of my love for fashion and my journey in life.

The aim of this label is to provide the signature style at affordable prices so that it is accessible to everyone. In the video she also recollected her college memories, As college kid she was not able to afford an outfit with designer label.

Website has been launched for Saaki and the designer clothes will be launched soon for the public. Samantha and her team is focused on the label and the posts reveal her interest and love towards the label.

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