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Sanchaita bans entry of people into Ayodhya ground, draws ire


MANSAS chairperson Sachaita Gajapathi Raju’s decision to restrict the entry of the public into Ayodhya ground other than the MR College students has drawn the ire of the local public. Regular joggers and youngsters playing on the ground were unhappy after seeing the entry gate of the ground locked with a notice that only MR College students and staff are allowed. Many boys were seen playing on the road outside the stadium on Tuesday morning.

Sanchaita bans entry of people into Ayodhya ground, draws ire

The decision has outraged the walkers regularly to the ground. Several political party leaders, including the SFI, are planning to stage protests soon. “It would not be a good idea for the management not to allow walking on the Ayodhya playground and that Mansas is not anyone’s property,” protested a morning walker. Earlier, there was stir over the privatisation of the educational institutions run by MANAS.

The correspondent of MANSAS Educational Institutions, KV Lakshmipathi Raju, wrote to the principal of the college on October 6, directing to defer admissions. The letters mention that MANSAS has formally submitted a proposal to “close Intermediate programs/courses” and to “withdraw aid to MR (A) college”, as a part of an exercise in “restructuring and reorganizing the academic programs effective from 2020-21.”

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