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Sarada Foundation donates Rs. 1 lakh for cancer cause to Digumarti Foundation


“It is vital that you give back.” This point has been instilled in every one of us since childhood. Sarada Foundation Charitable Trust truly believes in the fullest form of helping others for the betterment of society. MSMK Sharma, Founder of Sarada Foundation Charitable Trust today donated Rs. 1 lakh rupees to Dr. D. Raghunatha Rao of Digumarti Foundation towards screening, prevention, and treatment of cancer.

Mr. Sharma said “Sarada Foundation was founded a few years ago with the intention of aiding in the treatment & rehabilitation of cancer patients. The foundation makes a donation every year out of the funds it receives from philanthropists. This year the donation was made through the hands of the famous oncologist Dr. D Raghunadha Rao at Visakhapatnam. Helping others is like helping ourselves and I feel happy to spread kindness and to live a peaceful life”

Expressing his heartfelt gratitude for the donation Dr. Rao, said it further encourages me to extend more help to the needy ones and save them from the deadly disease called Cancer. Digumarti Foundation is into extending help hand for the education of girls up to graduation and help health care projects essentially concentrating on cancer prevention, screening, and treatment. Notable endeavors of this foundation are the development of requisite infrastructure for Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (HBCH & RC) at Aganampudi executed through donations raised by the Digumarti foundation. Apart from this, a free lunch was provided to every patient with attendant and 3 meals were provided to all the inpatients free of cost.’

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