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Sattvik food festival underway at Novotel Varun Beach


Dussehra is that time of the year when food preferences of people change. To commemorate this day, many Hindus across the country prepare scrumptious meals and get together with family and friends and feast after a nine-day long fast. Novotel Visakhapatnam Varun Beach is organising a Sattvik Food festival which is underway. Sattvik, in essence, comprises the foods that develop a positive attitude in a person and increases spiritual growth. The festival will conclude on October 25.

While you make yourself comfortable in an atmosphere which is calm and soothing, you are offered a welcome drink which could be Panagam – a cool jaggery and dried ginger based digestive drink or Neer More – seasoned buttermilk.

And then comes a delicious salad called Kosmalli – boiled mungdal, green chillies and grated carrot with a dash of lemon juice. The other option includes Red/white/black chana sundal – boiled, tempered and garnished with grated coconut and green chillies.

The lashing waves and the pleasant climate adds to the experience of savouring sumptuous Sattvik meal. Then comes a platter of starters. The starters include any two of the following:

1. Dal vadai – lentils of urad and chana dals ground coarsely with red/green chillies, hing powder and deep fried into vadas
2. Pidi Koyakattai – healthy, steamed rice dumplings
3. Potato, Raw banana and eggplant bajji – deep friend in besan- ajwain batter
4. Mor appam – fermented idli batter converted into fluffy unniyappams

The climate demands to indulge in a hot soup and what better option than a tomato pepper Rasam.

Then comes the main course which comprises a Gravy dish. It could be; Sambar – a medley of vegetables in tamarind-lentil gravy with sambar spices, Vethakoyambu – Turkey berries in tamarind paste and tur dal gravy with south Indian masalas, Drumstick Molaguttal – drumstick pieces in coconut ground with jeera red chilli, in a lentil base (drumstick can be substituted with white pumpkin/spinach/cabbage) or Mango Puliseri (Signature dish) – ripe mango pulp with ground coconut-green chilli paste in curd based gravy with sweet undertones. The other options are Raw banana/tomato/arbi Morkootan and Karela pitla – bittergourd juliennes in sambar masalas with ground coconut, tur dal, finished with coconut oil.

The side-dish could include a yummy Poriyal or thoran – Cabbage/carrot/beans/raw banana: finely chopped vegetable cooked in less oil and garnished with grated coconut, green chillies garnished with curry leaves. The other options are Potato dish – podimas/Amma’s potato curry (signature dish)/urulai or colocasia roast or Avial– a medley of Indian veggies in coconut-green chilli paste finished with thick curd or Chatti mashiyal – arbi (colocasia) in tamarind sambar masala gravy.

Any meal is incomplete without breads. The options in Sattvik diet include Dosa/mini uttapams/appam/idiyappam.

The varieties of rice include Lemon rice, Coconut rice, Puliyogarai, Ulundu rice (urad dal) and Curd rice.

For those who have a sweet tooth, do not miss the Dessert. Kesari – sheera, can be made with pineapple also to give a novel taste along with garnish of cashew nuts, raisins in pure ghee and cardamom powder.

The famous Sarkarai Pongal – a homogeneous mix of rice, dal and gur or Semiya payasam – vermicelli kheer or Honey-glazed Kerala banana (nendrampayam) pieces are the other options.

If you are a foodie or not, you are bound to have an amazing experience.

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