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SAVE THE SAVIOUR- SAVE HUMANITY- A song for Doctors by Doctors


This COVID-19 Pandemic is an occurrence which shook the world (both developed and developing countries), took us by a storm and pushed us in darkness but nevertheless there is a white-coat to step-out and fight back with the invisible foe to restore the light and spirit of hope.

Inspite of the numerous challenges posted by COVID-19, from the rise in number of covid-19 cases to the diminishing hope and chaos among people, the doctors stepped out for providing service. With the lack of awareness about the novel virus in people, the shortage of PPE and other supportive measures to treat in this pandemic, the life of doctors and health care professionals is difficult.

“Many doctors and health care professionals have put their life on the line in this pandemic and fought for the sake of humanity and lost their valuable lives but that doesn’t stop the other white-coat heroes from following the path of service to the mankind. Imagining a world without a doctor in this tough time is a horrendous nightmare but is a doctor receiving the respect he/she deserves?”, questions Dr Baparao, an ENT surgeon from Vizag.

He also added, “Doctors have been harassed, stones have been pelted at health care professionals, doctors are being evicted from their homes by landlords over corona fears. Incidents like these are so pathetic and painful to hear after all the struggle a doctor goes through in saving the lives of people by leaving his/her own family behind.”
For the sake of a doctor, health care professional and ourselves, a team comprising Dr Shariff, Dr Manoj Kalyan (final year medicos) along with Dr Baparao composed a meaningful song as a tribute to the doctors who have lost lives and as a mark of respect to the doctors who continue to work risking their own lives.

“Post-lockdown, lets lift up our social spirits but by maintaining social distance, wearing masks, maintaining personal hygiene and washing hands, avoiding mass gatherings and eating healthy food. Please consult a doctor in case of covid-19 symptoms and undergo covid-19 screening tests and follow isolation. By following these measures, we can fight this pandemic and help ourselves for a better future,” said Dr Baparao.

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