Section 144 imposed across the district if people violate the protocol legal action will be taken


After the ‘Janata Curfew’ the CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy declared the entire state will be in lockdown to halt the further spread of the novel coronavirus.
Thirty states and Union territories have come down to a complete lockdown as the total case rose about 492 and with 9 deaths nationwide and in Andhra Pradesh the number of positive cases confirmed are 7 as of now.
As the pandemic is accelerating and the cases are rising, the state has been imposed section 144. People are supposed to stay at their homes and the non-essentials like Park, museum, malls are supposed to be shut till March 31.
Only essentials like grocery stores, medical shop, bunks etc will be open. People are only supposed to come out in case of emergency and in case of buying commodities only one person from each family can come out.
People who are supposed to work during this period, they are supposed to carry their ID or some sort of a proof. If people are found without any valid reason on road, strict legal action will be taken.
Rajeev Kumar Meena has already issued a note for public on monday that all the public non-essential places will be closed till march 31 and ration shops, Rythu bazaars will be open even provisional stores like MOM and POP stores will remain ope
Legal action will be taken if people for no reason come out, strict laws are being enforced as situation is getting worse and certain people are not understanding the situation, disobeying the rules and taking things lightly. If any person is found violating the order will be booked under IPC section 188 or section 269.
People can reach out as the control room will be kept open 24/7 and can be reached through the following numbers: 0891- 2565454 or 2787819 or 94906 24787. 


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