Serenity of Nagarapalem lake in the city of Vizag


As a traveller I venture in many places, for me travel isn’t about to where everyone goes to but it is about discovery of new places and me. Hello everyone today let me introduce you to a beautiful lake, Its K.Nagarapalem lake situated behind GO KARTING vizag.

Thinking of whats so special about it?
Ok let me tell you it seems as a normal lake during day time and you can see nothing at nights
But the true beauty of the lake can be experienced only during early mornings when it is about to sunrise and on a Full moon night.

Yes you heard it right when it is about to sunrise the rays start reflecting on the surface, surrounded by minimal light this reflection enhances the beauty of the lake.

Splendid view, roar of the sea, birds moving in and out, slight movement of water makes this place magnificent sometimes you can even find tortoise and crabs.

After the sun starts shining bright we can walk further crossing the lake and head towards to beach to witness yet another sunrise on the sea.

People often use this idiom-one short two birds which suits better here, one ride two magnificent sunrises.

In an interaction with locals I got to know some interesting facts
– Water in this lake is from gambhiram reservoir
– As it reaches here from reservoir they call it as gambhiram canal
– People there call it with a nickname “Gadda”

And most importantly the Full moon night offers a splendid view where the moon rays reflects on the sea then head towards the lake.

People usually watch it from the bridge above the lake or the old damaged bridge underneath it where it seems like moon taking a break for few seconds while moving from sea to lake, the reflection on the sea ends when moon reaches shore(sand) and start again when it reaches the lake.

By Praveena Raj

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