Sero Survey revealed that at least 1 among every 5 persons is affected by Covid-19 in AP


The Covid-19 has already spread to every every mandal in the state. Villages are no exception, from children to elders every one are victims of this virus. Recently Andhra Pradesh state has conducted sero survey to know the Covid-19 affect on the state’s population. The results are no longer shocking as everyone knows that AP has become one of the worst covid affected state. The survey results had shown that 19.7% of the AP’s population were affected by corona.

Most of the affected population were asymptomatic and women are a bit more affected by Covid-19 than men. It is known that 19.9% of female population and 19.5% of male population were affected by Covid-19 and further divisions shown that high risk population affected by Covid-19 stood at 20.3%. The sero survey was conducted in two phases, few districts were covered in phase one and remaining districts in phase two.

As a part of this survey, Government has collected five thousand samples from each district, which included both urban, semi urban and rural areas. 22.5% of overall urban areas samples were tested Covid positive, while positive samples from villages stood at 18.2%.

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