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Serving With Smile – Treatment With Hospitality Divisional Railway Hospital, Visakhapatnam


The Divisional Railway Hospital (DRH) at Visakhapatnam, a 154 bedded Hospital, caters to nearly 18,000 employees, 16000 Retired employees and their family members. The Divisional Railway Hospital has round the clock casualty, outpatient department, Operation theatre, ICU, Radiology with Ultrasonography, Echocardiography, Physiotherapy unit and laboratory. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, treatment of Covid-19 positive patients is being done regularly.

Dedicated ward have been opened up for Covid -19 positive patients and suspected cases. For this since the lock down in March, Divisional Railway Hospital had geared up its procurement of all necessary medicines and consumables like PPE, N95 masks, Face shields and gloves for its staff in Divisional Railway Hospital and for its staff in 14 peripheral Health Units spread across Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. Ventilators (invasive & Noninvasive), Multipara monitors, pulse oximeters, Nebulisers, Infusion pumps, High frequency nasal oxygen therapy and other necessary equipment were procured adequately to treat the Railway Beneficiaries. Medical staff were adequately trained on donning and doffing of PPE, hand washing and other measures for infection control.

More than 200 Covid-19 positive patients have been admitted so far out of which 30 have been referred to other hospitals and more than 150 persons have been discharged after successful treatment.

A help desk was created to screen patients with fever and covid-19 like symptoms to segregate Covid -19 suspected cases from Non Covid-19 cases. All testing facilities have been set up in Divisional Railway Hospital, with Rapid antigen test, RTPCR tests and Antibody tests for screening and diagnosis of Covid-19 positive cases. Till date more than 900 RTPCR tests have been conducted and more than 450 Rapid antigen tests have been done.

More than 200 cases were advised Home isolation with necessary medications and a pulse oximeter to keep a check on saturation and were advised to report back if the saturation decreased. All the patients advised for Home isolations were kept in touch by doctors from Divisional Railway Hospital. For that telemedicine services were made available to the patients round the clock.

During the pandemic Divisional Railway Hospital also delivered medicines to Railway employees and family pensioners who are residing in and around the city for ailments such as diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases. This received good response from all corners. Further, an initiative has been taken to distribute homeopathic medicine, Arsenicum album, as advised by AYUSH to all the railway staff over the Division that could be effective in the prevention of novel coronavirus infections by developing immunity.

The lives of Medical staff and their families have undergone a sea change in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many have opted to stay in hostels or hotel rooms far away from their families, others who still go back to their home after duty undertake extraordinary sanitization measures and make sure they never come in physical contact with their loved ones.

Divisional Railway Manager Shri Chetan Kumar Shrivastava said that the real heroes of the COVID-19 are Doctors, Nursing staff, pharmacists and other assisting staff. They are really committed to serve the patients with smile at their life risk and ready to take on any novel challenge and are proud to support their frontline COVID-19 warriors, he added.

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