Shocking incident : Covid-19 patients in Garbage Truck to Hospital


In yet another inhuman incident took place in Nellimarla region of Vijayanagaram district here today where in three Covid-19 patients were rushed to the hospital in a garbage truck due to the lack of a timely ambulance to pick them up. Preliminary investigation revealed that the lower level staff forcibly rushed them to the hospital without the involvement of the officers.

Since the spread of the coronavirus, we are witnessing daily incidents of people behaving inhumanely without being seen as human beings. Earlier, in Udayapuram area of Palasa, PPE clad municipal authorities in Srikakulam towed away Covid-19 deceased on JCB excavator. In another incident in the same district, in other division called Sompeta, the deceased’s body was shifted for cremation on a tractor. Authorities said a comprehensive investigation was currently underway amid widespread criticism from all the quarters.

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