Simhachalam priest sacked as he allowed a devotee inside the premises of temple during Chandanotsavam


‘Chandanotsavam’ is a massive ritual that happens annually every year on Akshaya tritiya.

Devotees from miles away walk up the hill to offer prayers and be a part of the ritual.

The event has been happening in such a way since years.

It was for the first time in years due to the Pandemic, devotees weren’t allowed.

It took place only in the presence of trust board chairperson Sanchaita Gajapathi Raju, EO and five priests.

As per M Vekateswara Rao, the executive officer, it was known that the priest broke the protocol and allowed a private person on Chandanotsavam day.

Not only the priest broke the norm but also the person didn’t seem to follow the lockdown restrictions.

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