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Siripuram fountain to sprinkle treated sewage water now


Fountains not only serve as great pieces of décor in the city but also enhance the beauty of its surroundings and create a soothing ambiance with positive energy. Fountain at the Siripuram Circle touted to be the Central location of Vizag city, will be an example of the judicious use of water. The reason being the fountain will be sprinkling treated sewage water instead of the supplied water. Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) is now utilizing the treated wastewater for the fountain in a bid to save water, said GVMC commissioner, Srijana Gummalla.

The Vizag city does not have its own source of drinking water and if the city becomes the executive capital of the state, the demand for potable water will increase manifold. Recycling of wastewater for purposes, other than drinking, could save water. GVMC has been augmenting the capacity of the Sewage Treatment Plant in its jurisdiction. Currently, the STPs can recycle only 50 percent of the wastewater generated by industrial units and households in Vizag city, before releasing the waster into the sea.

Speaking to Hello Vizag, S Venugopal Rao, GVMC Superintending Engineer (Water Supply & UGD) said “water is being recycled at the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at Appughar and is being shifted in tankers and used in these fountains. In the past, these fountains used to be managed with regular water. But now, about 30 KL of treated water is being used at these fountains every day,” he added. Mr. Venugopal said that as of now the recycled sewage water is being used at Siripuram Circle, Children’s Arena, and Jagadamba Junction. “We are planning to implement the same at two more fountains at Gajuwaka area very soon,” the SE added.

The treated sewage water will be supplied to the industries, especially RINL and HPCL, according to the plans of the municipal corporation. The rapid expansion of the city is also increasing the sewage burden. According to the urban development department, the existing sewerage capacity of the Visakhapatnam circle is 76 MLD, while the sewage to be generated in the circle by 2031 is estimated to be at 509.88 MLD.

The existing – STPs at Appughar, Old City, Mudasarlova, and the mini STPs – are treating about 57 MLD. If the 108 million liters per day (MLD) capacity STP at Narva is fully commissioned, it will take the total capacity of the STPs to 215 MLD. There are 21 drains meeting the sea from the fishing harbor to Tenneti park. The effluents of the 13 drains are either partially treated or not treated at all. The GVMC has prepared a plan to divert the drains to the existing treatment plants with an estimated budget of Rs 8 to10 crore.

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