Six metro cities and 170 districts overall come under the red zone, out of 13 districts AP has 11 districts declared as Hot spots


A city being marked as a ‘Red Zone’ means the city has more than 80% of the cases of COVID-19.

As per the Centre the six metro cities that have been marked under the red zone are firstly Mumbai with the largest number of cases, Chennai, Delhi, kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

The cases have been on a spike and now it has crossed over 1,000 cases.

And out of 170 hotspot districts, Andhra Pradesh out of 13 districts, eleven has been marked as Hotspot.

Spaces are being utilised, PPEs are being made, almost all the factors are being utilised. Health officials, police, sanitation workers are working round the clock to help people out.

Zones being marked as hotspots will be thoroughly checked and surveyed door-to door to find out and treat people.


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