Skill development courses in central jail of Visakhapatnam

Various skill development courses like Plumbing, welding, furniture making, and tailoring are being taught in the central jail Visakhapatnam.

One may think life ends after going to prison but it isn’t true in this case as the previous self is dusted off and the new self is embraced by the prisoners here.

Even though initially one sinks in depression or isn’t willing to change for good. With time things fall in place and with these skill development courses the negative energies are channelized into positive and productive results are yielded.
Mostly ladies are given the training into tailoring where they learn how to make garments.

The good thing about it is their effort doesn’t go in vain as the products are sold at a shop set up outside the outgate of central jail where most people buy the products.

Even the jute bags made by the women have a high demand. Also, green leafy vegetables are sown and grown by the inmates of the prison.

People don’t only learn a skill but many lives were rebuild at this place.


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