Skills are important than the marks in a report card and Internships are a basic work drill to the office culture


College is a place where it teaches you theories about Pavlov’s Classical conditioning or Mathematical theory or coding as per the stream you choose but when it comes to reasoning or applying the theories we get a zero.

Securing a 100% is easy but how much we can utilize the learning is what matters, this is the place where internships play a part. Learning is one thing, but taking those skills into the workforce and referring to them is a great way to analyze different professional paths and domains that suit specific interests. Internships are a terrific way to correlate the knowledge from the classroom to real-world understanding.

Why does every student think that coming to the second year (or even first year, in some cases) of college is equivalent to time running out of their hands? I, too, am guilty of stressing out my friends about the apparent ‘near future’, consisting of either work experience, or the pursuit of a Master’s degree. Personally, I see it as a sign of taking a step forward for our future, and how we want to make the most of our lives.

As young adults, we often feel the need to prove ourselves, or ‘make a mark’ in our college and personal life. Getting internships or any form of practical experience can help you do exactly that, without seeming pretentious.

College only provides us with theoretical knowledge, but the platitudinous nature of it completely tires us after a while. To set the foundation for everything that we do, in the real world, we need the sort of practicality that is obtainable only by working, in offices or on-field or freelancing.

There exists a multitude of options for student interns who have just their 1st-year mark sheet to back them up; newspapers, magazines, digital marketing agencies, accounting firms, start-ups, among many others.

A common misconception is that an organisation won’t hire you if you’re not highly qualified. To some extent, yes, they won’t offer you a full-time job, but they might offer you a part-time opportunity if you seem enthusiastic and eager. Additionally, some of the internships offer benefits like a stipend, a recommendation letter, and sometimes, an actual full-time job offer.

During this pandemic, or even generally, we mostly waste away our precious time by procrastinating. We fail to realize that this is the perfect time to gather the experience we need for the comparatively tougher workspace that we’re going to enter, especially after the economic crisis that we will inevitably go through. Even a simple unpaid internship could get you started for the long run. Even universities and colleges look for practical applications of the required subjects while reviewing admission requests.

There are a lot of online resources that help you connect to workspaces, companies, and start-ups that require interns and specify their prerequisites. Work experience acts as the oil to the gears of your career in the future. There is, really, nothing to lose; and so much to gain.


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