Skin Care Regimen To Be Followed During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a phase that most women yearn for. But, with this amazing phase, also comes a lot of issues for your skin. One starts experiencing never before seen breakouts on the skin. And it’s highly important to tackle them at the earliest, rather than delaying the process.
Here are a few simple steps to follow:-
Cleansing: Start with a gentle cleanser, preferably a glycerin-based one. Never wash your face more than twice a day, to prevent over-drying.
Moisturising and SPF: The most important addition you should make to your skin-care routine during pregnancy or even otherwise is a moisturizer with at least SPF 15. Using sunscreen daily, whether it rains or the sun is blazing, is the best way to avoid this discoloration.
Acne and oil: If your skin is oily and/or acne-prone, you’ll probably experience your worst breakouts during the first trimester of pregnancy. The safest way to avoid these breakouts is with a product that contains glycolic acid. But, if the condition is acute, then it is always better to visit a good dermatologist.
Quick and easy makeup: When it comes to wearing makeup during pregnancy, stick with the barely-there concept. It gets done quick and fast. Always try to use products that double up for multiple uses. Get a foundation cum concealer for those worn out under-eye circles. Chubby sticks in common shades are easy to slather on eyes, lips, and cheeks. And if you are someone like me who’s a lipstick fanatic, then ensure you get the deepest moisturizing ones.


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