Skip the pre-call Coronavirus message in your mobile in case of emergency


The 30-second default caller tune is set by all the telecom operators following the government orders.
It is an initiative taken by the Government to bring awareness on the deadly disease. Everybody has a phone belonging to any strata and on average at least more than thrice people dial-up in case of having a conversation or emergency.
The caller tune starting with a person coughing and then going on with a person explaining the precautions to be taken like washing hands and staying away from public places is quite effective but on every call, it is seeming distressful as the 30-second call is consuming the time in case of emergency.
Though to bypass or skip the pre-call message there have been steps, in case someone is in need can call the respective person and then dial either 1 or # in case of emergency, then you can connect directly. The message couldn’t be stopped completed and probably dialing 1 or # may help in skipping the message
Where some people are appreciating the efforts of Government to spread awareness through an effective tool, some are getting annoyed for hearing the message on their every call as it is consuming time in case of emergency


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