Slap on the face can change the Idea — Constable Sunita Yadav


Gujarati woman constable Sunita Yadav, who became a nationwide sensation by giving a slap in the face to the minister’s son for violating the lockdown rules, has resigned from her job and created another sensation. Not only that .. She made it clear that she would come back with a stick and this time she would step in as an IPS officer. Netizens are praising Sunita’s actions and praising her as ‘Lady Singam’. In an interview given to the English media in this regard, she made sensational remarks regarding politics and the duties of police officers. So far, only 10 per cent have come in the media. Sunita Yadav said she still has 90 per cent content.

After tendering her resignation, Sunita Yadav said she would put all matters before the people ready to face the consequences. ‘Everyone calls me Lady Singam. But no .. I am a regular Lok Rakshak Dal (Gujarat Police Department) officer. What was previously thought to be a lie in a khaki uniform, this incident proved that it is in the rank of job. That’s why I want to prepare for IPS. The problem would have been solved easily. But due to lack of proper rank, I am now being chewed like a bubblegum, ”said Sunita Yadav.

And ‘I have no regrets if I die in this war. I have the support of my co-workers as well as my superiors, ”said Sunita Yadav. ‘I am currently preparing for the Civil Services. But I selected as an IPS officer and will return to the police department. If that is not possible, I will do LLB or become a journalist, ”said Sunita Yadav. She told police officials that she was under threat from the minister’s followers. “My fight is not for Sunita Yadav. My fight is for khaki uniform. I got some threats on the phone. “You are doing a lot for the country. I don’t think you will live long,” Eddewa said. I will teach a lesson to such people, “said Sunita Yadav. Sunita Yadav said she even got monetary inducements for early resolution of the case. She is now getting threating calls from outside of Gujarat. So she sought police protection from the Surat Police Commissioner.

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