Slurp the ‘Kala Khatta’ Ice gola to avoid your weekday blues

Vizag is usually sultry and humid during the afternoons but there is a vibe that is inexplicable as you head to the beach road.

With the summer approaching closer it gets tough when one works, to avoid the weekday blues and reminiscent the childhood days you can have the special Kala Khatta which they sell at Mumbai Ice gola thela opposite to Palm Beach.

With vivid glass bottles having the flavored juices and a box of ice, this thella is definitely unique even in appearance as it has a board in colorful hues and written in bold ‘Mumbai Ice Gola’. It reminds one of the childhood days after school rushing towards the shop to have one Ice gola with the pocket money.

Special about this gola thela is the owner had established the shop 10 years back. Sanjay has been into this business for about 30 years now. He hailed in Patna and now settled in Vizag. He initially uses to sell ice golas at Juhu Beach, Mumbai. In 2010 he came down to the city of destiny, in the beginning, the business couldn’t yield much of a profit but now it is doing sufficiently good. His only priority is to work hard so that he could provide quality education to his son.

Now his nephew handles the business. From morning 11:30 am till night at 10 pm, he sells the golas. When asked how many varieties do they have with a flashing smile chotu answers “About 25 varieties are present. According to the needs of the consumer, I make the golas,”

During the night time, it is a beauty to see as these bottles glow with the passing of the night. With the wind hushing and cars rushing at Mumbai Ice gola thela you will always find some customers stopping by either to have masala soda or else Ice Gola.


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