Smart Classrooms under Vizag Smart City Project


The GVMC, which started the smart classroom initiative to redefine traditional teaching methods under the Smart City mission to the students in the government-run schools is changing the landscape of digital learning. It aims to enhance innovation, research skills, and competence among the student community

In the first phase of Vizag Smart City Project, smart classrooms which started in 2017 with six schools, now being extended to 31 schools by the GVMC at a cost of Rs. 7 crores by providing a Chromebooks with G Suite. With the smart classroom initiative, many students are now a part of Google Future Classrooms adopted Greater Visakhapatnam Smart City Corporation Limited (GVSCCL). For this, GVSCCL partnered with IL&FC Education and Technology Services Ltd, a partner of Google, to provide holistic education solutions including software, hardware, training, and certification to schools in the city.

Speaking to Hello Vizag Ram Keerthi, the state coordinator for the Project, said, it all depends on strength of the schools for setting up of digital classroom. Schools with a strength of 130 can have just one digital classroom whereas schools with a strength of over 800 will have 15 digital classrooms. “With the change in infrastructure and teaching methodology, government-run schools are gaining its lost glory. Students are quite attentive and enjoy classes and the good thing is that dropout rate drastically reduced to five percent from 15 percent” said, J Krishnaveni, principal of the primary school, who along with the other three teachers handle over 130 students from class I to class V.

“Now students can share notes on Google hangouts instead of getting notes photocopied. Every student will have an exclusive email id. They are encouraged to make their projects on Google Docs and can download pictures. Teaching like this makes the lessons easier for students to understand. Mathematics, Science Diagrams Students will be interested if clearly explained in 3D” added Krishnaveni

The GVMC, which is smart at every step, is expanding the project to other schools as well at a cost of Rs 28.27 crore. Smart classrooms and projection units are being set up in high schools as well as digital labs in primary and secondary schools. Works were delayed due to the imposition of lockdown due to corona. GVMC is working to complete all of this academic year and make it available by 2021–22.

GVMC Commissioner, G Srijana said smart classrooms have brought about positive changes in students and teachers alike. Students are gaining a complete understanding of the lessons, especially through science videos. Students are also getting good support for competitive exams due to smart classrooms. The smart classes being implemented as part of the Smart City project will be made fully available from the next academic year.

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