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    Several local leaders took part in SALT SATYAGRAHA, Guess the famous local leaders who Marched from Vizianagaram to Visakha Beach opposite Town Hall (Where the Visakha Container Terminal Pvt Ltd stands today) ?

    • a) Kolluri Surya Gupta
    • b) Tenneti Viswanadham
    • c) Digumarthi Ramaswamy
    • d) All of the above
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    How many times Gandhiji visited Visakhapatnam between 1921 to 1946?

    • a) 3
    • b) 4
    • c) 5
    • d) 6
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    During the Civil Disobedience and Salt Satyagraha movements, the Town Hall was a major meeting point for freedom fighters and social activists. The Town Hall named “Victoria Diamond Jubilee Town Hall” inaugurated on?

    • a) 1901
    • b) 1902
    • c) 1903
    • d) 1904
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    In which year BATTLE OF VIZAGAPATNAM happened?

    • a) 1802
    • b) 1803
    • c) 1804
    • d) 1805
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    Which is the oldest school in Visakhapatnam and first English medium school in Andhra pradesh, established in 1847?

    • a) Fort Catholic school
    • b) St Aloysius’ Anglo-Indian High School
    • c) The Visakha Valley School
    • d) None of the above

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