Sneak peek into the lives of celebrities during the pandemic period


It is the usual routine for commoners from cooking to washing utensils and settling the cupboards. Domestic service is needed but as commoners it is usual when the bai goes for the leave then the people dwelling at homes know to do their chores in times of need.

But celebrities lives went for a toss and they started documenting their lives in social media during the social distancing time.

Whether it is Samantha from Tollywood industry who is spending time with Hash and husband Naga Chaitanya over some wine, food and sleep.

And other stars like Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are upping the game in their social media.

The stars are not just putting up responsible post for the people to follow during social distancing but also sharing glimpses of how they are keeping up during this period. With Anushka giving a haircut to Virat Kohli as perfect as the Hairstylist does and Deepika lapping up some yummy Nutela and Ranveer Singh going all out there and displaying some affectionate pictures with his wife.

Katrina Kaif also was seen cleaning the floor with a jhadoo and also washing utensils.

What as commoners we do it daily these celebs are just enjoying and doing the works themselves without a bai.


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