Social distancing goes for a toss after the relaxation was announced


It seems like people have forgotten that there is a serious pandemic on the go. Once the relaxation was provided by the government people started to hang out freely, started social gatherings not even maintaining social distancing.

Same is the case with vizag too people started to go on drives, gather at beaches and all the important places are with huge number of people.

Are we acting with a sense of responsibility?
Dont we know that these days covid 19 is asymptomatic and these social gatherings are nothing but bringing ways to bring home the virus.

Is it not better to stay at home than to stay on a hospital bed. Are we not lucky enough to be at home when compared to migrant workers who are walking for miles and miles just to reach their home.

Is avoiding social gatherings for few weeks simply means that we are wasting our entire life by staying at a single place.

Where is the actual problem is it with the society or the individual mentality?

Question yourself that what is more important is it few weeks or a life time ?

And most importantly do we have the efficiency to treat all patients at once it is true that we have increased our treatment capacity, beds , covid wards and also manufacturing ventilators and masks but do we have the enough medical personnel to treat us,once the cases starts doubling

Dont we know that they are humans too and they are also getting effected while treating patients after all dont they have a family so it’s time to question ourselves and start acting responsibly.

– Do not go out unless necessary
– Avoid gatherings
– Maintain social distance
– sometimes the currency you hold may also contain virus

so it’s time to be more cautious the cases crossed 1,00,000 and it starts tripling now, remember prevention is better than cure.

By Praveena Varma

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