Social distancing norms can help in fighting COVID-19


A research shows that social distancing can help in reducing the spread of COVID-19. This research was carried out by the professors of Gitam and a data scientist from Italy.

On behalf of the GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (GIMSR) , Gitam(Deemed to be University- Visakhapatnam) Covid-19 Response team, three professors and a data scientist have done a Covid-19 open research on the non-pharmaceutical interventions to reduce Covid-19 mortality. Prof. K R R Gandhi, Prof K V R Murthy, Prof S S Prasada Rao are professors at the department of operations, GIM, GITAM (Deemed to be University), Visakhapatnam, Francesco Casella is a data scientist from Italy.

The research paper which is posted in states that the momentum episode of novel coronavirus infection 2019 (COVID-19) represents a remarkable worldwide wellbeing and monetary risk to interconnected human social orders. Until an antibody is created, systems for controlling the flare-up depends on forceful social removal.

Since, COVID-19 is an epidemic, estimating the spread of the virus within the community over a time is very important. In this connection, the researchers have estimated the R values of COVID-19. The professors stated that R determines the speed at which number of persons are affected by the person suffering from the virus and how taking preventive measures shall reduce this rate.

Based on these R*, it was observed that preventive measures like isolation, self-quarantine, social distancing in absence of antibodies or vaccines can prevent the spread of the virus to a significant extent. The group of professors also addressed that there is almost 75% of spread that can be stopped through the cited above measures.

The professors are ready to work and share the individual R values of each district of Andhra Pradesh to the government. Thus, the government may plan ways to prevent the spread of the virus. Not only this, they may also be ready to measure the effect of policy initiated by the state government in terms of R. Thus, the government can further plan or can change the strategy from time to time.

Finally, professors are clearly appealing to the governments and other state owned agencies that having negative is not guaranteed that one does not have a virus. Because, characteristics of any virus may not be found due to increasing temperature at outside as well as in body. In such cases, people may get a negative report even if they have it. Therefore, we should be very much careful with them and continuously monitor the situation.

Also, professors are requesting the general public to not come outside and safe while following the instructions of the government during the lockdown period.

By – P. Bhavesh Kumar Jain


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