#SoftwareInAWeekHardwareInAYear gets trending


When Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation and gave a call for ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ when meant becoming self sufficient than importing from other countries. Many said it clearly meant about Chinese products.

Later #BoycotMadeInChina and #SoftwareInAWeekHardwareInAYear moment gained more importance after ‘Sonam Wangchuk’, “An engineer and innovator” who is an inspiration for 3 idiots movie, took to social media on to boycott China products.

Earlier, He appealed to the indian citizens and people worldwide to boycott Chinese products and stop virtually financing the current military bullying in Ladakh and the South China Sea. He said in a video from ladakh which gained millions of views within in a 24 hours.

Now that the Indian government has banned 59 apps, the focus got shifted to #walletpower #BoycottMadeInChina #SoftwareInAWeekHardwareInAYear moment and Sonam Wangchuk got flooded with calls from media, as the government decision came out within few days of his posts regarding the moment started. He took it the media saying Credit, if any, goes entirely to the billion+ citizens and Government of India.


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