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Solo Brathuke… An unemotional fare


With Solo Brathuke So Better being the first Telugu film to be released in theatres after the pandemic, the film industry is curiously looking to see how it fares. So, the film’s team could have tried just a little harder.

What happens when Virat (Sai Dharam Tej), a college-goer, who turns his nose up at anything that remotely resembles love, relationship, and marriage as it goes against his philosophy in life? What would he go through when he finds his lady love in Amrutha (Nabha Natesh)?

The film’s title, Solo Brathuke So Better, conveys the philosophy of its protagonist, and director Subbu does not waste any time in coming to the point, Throughout the first half, he pens scenes that reflect the hero’s attitude, which is fine. But, thematically, the film is extremely simplistic, linear, and predictable. Also, while there are no sub-plots, the idea that blends romance and lies is not novel either.

What’s laudable thought is how the director makes Virat realize the significance of having a partner – scenes where his friends desert him as they get married. The first half of the movie is passable though it does ignite the curiosity of the audience. The novelty soon wears off and the ploddingly predictable story fails to sustain interest.

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