Sonu Sood sends over 12,000 migrants home, says “It’s our problem too.”


Well-known Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has proven to be a real-life hero in these testing times amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. With no means of livelihood, food or shelter, thousands of migrant workers are stranded away from their homes. They were compelled to take the journey by foot and that’s when Sood stepped in.

He expressed his reason and cause for his philanthropic behaviour to a media outlet, saying, “I told migrants that they are like my family and they will not go home walking. Hence, I arranged transportation for them.” He has also told the migrant workers to not worry much about the documentation. “Bring medical certificate, destination, and ID proof and you will be at your home. This is not just their problem, this is our problem too.”

Also elucidating on why he has gone to such extents for the workers, the actor said, “When I saw them on the road that they were travelling with kids, barefoot and without food, I got very emotional. I am personally in touch with the state government and requesting them to give us permission and provide them with every document. Gods and Angels are the ones who are going to their home. Those who are helping are only normal people, including me.”

On being asked about what motivated him to go to the far end to help the workers out, he explained, “These people have contributed so much in our lives. They are desperate to go home, you can’t tell them to stay, things will be fine. They want to go. There are so many people that I saw near Dahisar and Thane area when I was distributing food. I spoke to them and asked them to wait till I got permissions. A lot of things aligned and the first batch went to Kerala. I am only trying to provide some comfort to them.”

Sood explained that a 52-seater bus is holding around 25 people, following the social distancing norms properly. He said that their safety is of utmost importance and that they’re teaching the workers about social distancing as well.

By Yukta Baid

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