Special immunity-booster Menu in Vizag Hotels during Covid-19 times


Keeping in mind the health of every food lover in the city, restaurants in Visakhapatnam have come up with a special immunity-booster menu serving nutritious drinks and cuisines. The entire country is crazy about healthy food in times of pandemic. From haldi doodh to ample fruits, every grandmother’s recipe and homemade cure are trending everywhere. You can’t simply expect the city of destiny to stay quiet; chefs at various restaurants in Visakhapatnam are experimenting with their healthy dishes and thus, they have come up with special immunity-booster menus that include tons of nutritious and healthy food and drinks.

A lot of people have started enquiring about their ingredients and so restaurants in the city are compelled to revamp and reinvent their entire list of cuisines. Since healthy, pure and organic is the demand, chefs are including Ayurvedic herbs and spices such as turmeric, moringa, bhurans, raw turmeric, ajwain, jaggery and honey. Instead of cocktails, many restaurants are coming up with jeera-ajwain based drinks which are cool and good for the immunity of a person. Cuisines which are rich in antioxidants, Vitamins, proteins and anti-inflammatory qualities are blended into quirky dishes and drinks.

Fairfield By Marriott’s well menu consists of char-grilled asparagus, vegetable-barley soup, wild mushrooms and tofu in basil sauce, braised organic chicken with ginger and scallion and much more. Similarly, Vedic Village Spa switched to all-organic lunch menu with crunchy lettuce and raw turmeric, elephant garlic and wok tossed greens, raw turmeric chicken, blueberry smoothies, baked apple chutney with multigrain bread and so on.

As far as sweets and drinks are concerned, top chefs and restaurants in Visakhapatnam are making chilled drinks with herbs, dried ginger, black pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, tulsi and jaggery for taste. Doctors also support such drinks as they are perfect antidotes against cold and flu. In addition, your digestion and appetite will also be improved.

Many restaurants are simply offering complementary health and immunity-booster drinks. Some budgeted 3 star hotels have come up with two drinks named ama haridra tiksna which is made up of raw turmeric and hand pounded black pepper and another being drama tulsi panaka made with Indian gooseberry and Tulsi. The Park-Vizag has introduced a jasmine iced tea, green juice citrus carrot plus ginger alkalizer and aloe vera and kiwi punch.


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