Splash and paint the town red with ‘Holi Hai’ in Vizag


Grooving to the music and shaking a leg to the EDM, energies were soaring high and higher of the Vizagites at the ‘Holi Hai’ season 11 which happened at the Park. The event was organized by Chrome outdoors.
All were in their brightest attires wearing cool T-shirts with captions which said ‘Watsapp baad main dekh lo, pehle khel lo holi’, ‘How’s the Josh’, ‘Bura na mano holi hain’. Where some were in their finest clothes with sunglasses on. Others were in their pyjamas and tracksuits who took an oath to mix colours and splash it on their friend’s faces.
More than 500 people were present at the ‘Holi Hain’ season 11 which was bigger and better this time. With DJ’s playing foot-tapping beats and food being sold at the counter. The party was a grandeur event, with special pools being arranged for kids and safe colours been put at the party table. It had all arrangements catering peoples needs.
People who didn’t want to get wet they were dancing to the beats of dhol which was separately set up under the shamianah. And people who wanted to beat the heat they were dancing their hearts out under the rain shower.
Some newbies who have come for the first time loved the event, Sridevi Yadav who was dancing to the tune played by DJ Pulse said “This is the first time I have come here and I’m totally loving it. My favourite part of the event is they have set up two places for playing Holi. It is quite convenient as one can choose whether to get wet or not.”
Hanifa Hussain who comes to the party quite often every year says “This time the energy is much lower compared to the last years.”
Health is a priority:
The best part of the event was the security guards had infrared thermometers in their hand at the exit and entry points, where they were checking people whether they had a fever or not. People who were fine they were sent in. Even though there is a fear of the Coronavirus encircling in the hearts of people, nothing could dampen the spirit of the Vizagites.


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