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Sridhar Neralla shares his struggles in battling Corona


When Sridhar Neralla returned from office in the evening on July 4, he felt tired with severe body pains. He also developed a sore throat and eventually, he felt feverish. He took a paracetamol Dolo 650 mg by 9 pm but did not find much improvement as a few hours passed. Suspecting it to be Covid-19 symptoms, he asked his wife and daughter to shift to their relative’s place, thinking that being in isolation for 2 to 3 days will be better.

There was no improvement in the next three days and Neralla’s condition remained the same. His friends Mr. Nagesh and Mr. Y Srinivas Kumar were trying hard to get him tested as there was an acute shortage of testing kits in Vizag. Finally, on July 10, he got himself tested and the test results were Negative.

“But I was surprised as I was quite sure that the symptoms were of Covid-19. The same day, I went for a Chest CT scan along with a blood test and the CT revealed ground-glass opacities in the lower and middle lobes which suggested features of COVID 2. The blood test revealed everything normal except the D Dimer which was slightly on the higher side,” said Marilla.

“Dr. Amarnath (Internal Medicine Specialist, Bangalore) was in constant touch and doing the follow up for me. July 12 onwards, I started to take Azithromycin 500 mg, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, and nebulization twice daily. My condition was just static,” added Neralla who is a veterinary surgeon having his clinic at Visakhapatnam.

On July 17, Neralla complained of discomfort, his oxygen saturation fell to 90, and was finding it difficult to breathe. He could not sleep the entire night and could not even walk 10 steps. In meanwhile, his wife tried for arranging a bed in any of the hospitals. “Unfortunately, we could not find one and finally Dr. Naveen who is an anesthetist could manage to arrange for a bed in Care Hospital.

The same day Dr. Amarnath advised getting an s/c injection of Claxene (LOMOH) which is low heparin, to dilute the clots formed in the lungs causing this deep breathing. After three hours of taking the injection, my condition started improving,” Neralla stated further.

“I was given a few medicines by the Doctors and after 5 days, my saturation level returned to 97 and I started feeling better about my respiration. But I still have a weakness, shortness of breath and cough sometimes,” Neralla said.

Today, after a month, I would like to share a few points from my experience:

1. Should not feel shy to inform people if you are affected by COVID. In my case, though I was negative, my symptoms were indicative, and isolating myself could save my family and friends from the infection.

2. Please do not rely only on your test results; they may be false, should confirm the diagnosis either by Chest CT Scan, Ultrasound Chest, or Radiograph.

3. Diarrhea is also an indicator.

4. Post 7 days, complications like thrombosis formation, clots in the bloodstream are possible.

5. Do regular breathing exercises like blowing balloons, bubbling water with a straw, pranayama to keep your lungs healthy during treatment.

6. Mentally be very strong so that you can fight the deadly disease.

7. Friends and Family are your real strength and motivators.

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