Steep Gradient leading to brake failure of heavy vehicles near Novotel


Despite barricading the road near Novotel, it is seen most of the heavy vehicles with loads of weight are having brake failure while taking down the steep road. For the past 13 years, many accidents were reported at the same spot totaling about 15 injured and claiming five lives.

Banning the plying of heavy vehicles on that road or reconstruction of the road for betterment?
Barricades have been put to curb the mishaps, speed breakers are arranged, and also steep slope caution board has been put up by the roadside but even after taking up such preventive measures the accidents haven’t stopped yet.

At a bustling spot with vivid people walking on the pavement, there is a constant fear that tickles within oneself, as anytime a vehicle can hurtle down and break the parapet wall creating havoc damage to not only the property but also claiming lives that can never be retained.
One such incident was reported on Tuesday at an early hour in the morning where the truck loaded with heavy machinery hurtled down, broke the parapet wall due to which the vehicle’s front axle was ripped off and it hung precariously over the wall creating a risky situation. The traffic was diverted and there were no casualties reported.



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