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Stereotyping – The Reasons And The Causes Behind It


Any type of categorizing between a group of people is considered as stereotyping and like many people think stereotyping is not a gender related issue but rather a really sad thing that has been affecting many others.

You are a girl…get married

You are from that region!!!!

You are a boy..don’t cry

And the sentences list doesn’t just stop and goes on and on and these are some examples of the stereotypes that we go through in our day to day lives and we see in our surroundings. Leave aside changing these stereotypes and the people who stereotype, have you ever thought of the reasons and the causes behind those stereotypes. So we thought of presenting you some of the causes, so go through them.

The Way Of Thinking And The Kind Of Mindset

We create some categories from our experiences and we tend think in terms of those categories. The categories that we have created only mean the world to us and we just get ourselves and our thoughts simplified with these categories. And these categorizations sometimes cross lines and lead to stereotypes.

And sometimes the information that we have about a certain group or a certain type of people can also lead us through stereotyping.

The Things We Hear And Learn

Not everything is known at the time of the birth, like all those things we get to learn from the society, we also learn stereotypes from the world around us and we get them from the things we hear from others. We also pick up the stereotyping thing from the people around us. Friends, family, colleagues, the TV shows, the websites help us learn both good and bad and it is up to us how we act to those.

The memory

We pay a lot of attention towards the distinctive things and our concentration goes towards it unintentionally. And the memory of the distinctive things that we observe in our lives leads us to think and thus lead our thoughts into stereotyped thoughts. If we see most of the people in a college at a pub, then we stereotype that college people as pub going people, but there might also be a few people who don’t attend pubs and parties, but we don’t care about the minority and our memory is what makes us think that way.

Our Inferences

The above all things combined we tend to assume things that we even don’t fully know about. And our assumptions also happen even if we don’t have any knowledge about a certain thing or even if we haven’t known about person. Race and gender determines the society has created also lead us towards assuming certain things which thus lead us in thinking towards a stereotyped way.

We though making you know the reasons behind these stereotyping will help you to stay away from these stereotypes.

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