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Straight talk with Actress Raksha Gowda


She’s one of the most-loved Television actresses with a huge fan base in Telugu and Kannada industries. Actress Raksha Gowda, who will next be seen in Star Maa’s Guppedantha Manasu, talks to the Hello Vizag’s J Lakshmana Rao about her journey in the Television industry, her ongoing projects, OTT vs cinema, her favourite roles, and what post-pandemic work looks like, among others

Television star Raksha Gowda is best known for her empowering roles on Telugu television screens. Born and brought up in the southern region, she went on to pursue a career of her choice and that’s one of becoming an actress that aces every role. Acting is where her true calling lies! She has always garnered attention and praises with whatever characters she has portrayed onscreen and there has been no looking back since her first role. She is a television actor who enjoys massive fan following and has been stopped numerous times for photographs and autographs by fans. She talks more about her television career.

Watching soap operas

There are addictive storylines laced with melodrama, but today we are dealing with sensitive issues too. This is the new foundation of daily soaps and that’s worth the salt. There is less over-the-top content and more gorgeous looking actors who haven’t let the ethnicity of serials fade away. They always have a recipe for a soap opera that can stand the test of time.

Memorable Role

The current role I am playing is my most favourite character of all times. It’s empowering and portrays why and how girls are always fed with the only idea of getting married. My character condemns this notion and goes onto focus on her education by being aware and proud of her career choices. Consider marriage and career as two different prospects!

Favourite Co-actor

To be frank, I have no favourites, as all my co-stars have been the best ones I have worked with! No one ever threw any attitude or tantrums and I was pretty comfortable working with everyone.

OTT v/s Cinema

OTT is where the current action is on, thanks to the pandemic. However, none of us can forget how a cinema theatre makes us feel. Big stars and big movies are definitely attracting moviegoers to plunge into streaming platforms, yet theatres are a bonus and always give an extra cheer. Also, the screen may have gotten smaller but the excitement remains the same. It’’ the new normal indeed but I am waiting to get back to the pre-normal times.

Acting post COVID

I’m currently shooting for Guppendantha Manasu, and on TV, for certain scenes, we need to show proximity, which, at this unprecedented times, isn’t possible. Masks and social distancing is the new normal! There’s a strategic approach to every scene and with the entertainment industry being badly affected, our director is being very careful about our health, because we can’t afford to fall sick and shoots coming to a halt again.

(Guppedantha Manasu will be aired on Star Maa, from December 7, Monday to Friday 9 pm)

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