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Strange & Weird Guinness World Records That Will Make You Say ‘Why?”


Guinness World Records is no stranger to strange records. It is created in 1955 almost 6 decades ago, it has witnessed many interesting, amazing, weird, strange records over the years. People try to use all sorts of creativity to get some place in the Guinness book of world records. You will be amazed to k now the fact that every year Guinness records receive about 50,000 applicants, but only around 6000 of them get approved.

This gives us estimation about the craze that people have for the Guinness records. So, you might have seen various records over the years. But what we thought today is to bring in front you some really weird Guinness world records.

Weird Guinness World Records That May Amaze You

Most Simultaneous Handshakes Record

About 2 million people gathered at Rajkot located in Western India to create a record with the most simultaneous handshakes. But as all of them couldn’t be a part of the record only 48,870 were cordoned off to an area where they all participated in shaking hands program. They shook each other’s hands for about 5 minutes.

But what is more fascinating than the record here is that about 2 million people turning up for the event. How they just turned up for shaking hands? It is totally strange.

Large Number Of Face Masks Record

This is another most weird Guinness world records that one could ever hear. About 1213 people gathered at a place in Taiwan. They all wore the face packs for 10 minutes at the exact same time and made it to the records.

This sound as another most weird Guinness world record because it has just nothing to do and work, but actually helps in relaxing and rejuvenating your skin and what they got as a return gift is the Guinness world record. Weird!!!

Most People Attending A Virtual Funeral

An avid computer gamer died due to fatigue after heavily indulging herself in a three day non-stop marathon of the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game world of war craft. After she died about 100 gamers gathered at a virtual cathedral inside the game where a service was held for her. This holds a world record. It sounds really weird right!

Even though it may seem that people are indulging themselves in technology but there is a good thing in it that about 100 people have shown interest in attending the funeral of a girl whom they haven’t known personally. That’s nice right!!

Largest Pillow Fight

Pillow fights may seem really fun but when we do the fight with siblings, cousins and family. But have you ever thought doing pillow fights on the roads can create a world record. It is already done. About 6,261 participants gathered at a place to participate in the largest pillow fight organized by My Pillow in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA in the year 2015. Their attempt grabbed a record for them. This is really funny. I have never imagined such a funny useless thing can even get a Guinness world record.

Most Straws Stuffed In The Mouth

This is another really weird Guinness world record. Simon Elmore is a person who holds the record in this category for stuffing about 400 straws into his mouth with hands off. He held the 400 straws in his mouth with hands off for about 10 seconds in the mark ‘n’ Simon show in 2009.
How large and wide his mouth must be for being able to hold 400 straws. That is really amazing.

Most Number Of People In The Car

If you have got the irrational fear for confined places. If you have the fear of crowds at public places which is also known as claustrophobia, then you just cannot imagine doing this thing even for the sake of Guinness world record. A team of students from the Siberian Federal University did this record break Guinness world record task by adjusting the most number of people in a car.

Ohh.. God!!! This is really weird.

Record For Peace

This is another really weird record attempt by the most number of people. This is such a weird thing to know but did for a really good cause that it cannot be made fun of. Thousands of people gathered in New York City’s central park to form the largest human peace sign with the people forming the line showing the victory symbol.

Thousands of people gathered at one single place to form the largest peace symbol!!!

Largest Mobile Phone Gaming Party

This is probably one of the most fun-filled records. Bharti Airtel Ltd has organized a mobile phone gaming party in Bangalore where around 510 participants attended and participated in it. Seriously guys.. Who doesn’t love to have fun playing games and if it also got a chance to get the record, who would miss it?

Now let us take a look at some of the Guinness records that you will definitely not wish to hold

• A person holds a Guinness world record as he got removed the highest number of kidney stones from his kidney. Who wishes to hold this record? No one right!! I think even he doesn’t wished to hold it. He got 1,72,155 stones removed from his kidney. That is really huge and amazing
• Another person holds the Guinness world record for having the highest number of teeth. Oh No one wishes to have more than 32 teeth. Just a few teeth on teeth can be considered as luck, but too many teeth is not cool. A 17 year old boy got removed about 232 teeth from his mouth. As it is a very condition, it got place in the records

These are some of the weird Guinness world records that we thought to bring to your notice. Hope these records amazed you, surprised you.
Keep reading all our articles.. Who knows, there might be a chance to hold a record for reading the highest number of articles 😛 !!!!

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